"Los Colores de la Uva", Claudia Melgarejo

Tema participante en el XXXIX Festival Folclórico de la Vendimia de Molina 2014

Die stillsten Worte sind es, welche den Sturm bringen. Gedanken, die mit Taubenfüßen kommen, lenken die Welt.

It is the stillest words that bring on the storm. Thoughts that come on doves’ feet guide the world.’

'Las palabras más tranquilas son las que traen la tormenta. Los pensamientos que vienen con pies de paloma guían el mundo.'

'Also sprach Zarathustra', Friedrich Nietzsche

'Motherfucking Bike' by Sons of Science


Director: Sausage
Editor: Connor McDonald / Beast Editorial SF
Finish/FX: Eric Pascua / Beast Editorial
Color: Kevin Jardin / Beast Editrorial
Graphic Animation: Joe Macken / Allied Motion Packing Co.
Production/Mix: Hector Pérez, Music Orange SF

Motherfucking Bike — Sons of Science

I rise in the morning, and greet the day
pull out the bike and I’m on my way
The transportation shows I care
Every turn of the pedal - cleans the air
Greener than green, I’m saving the planet
just like my friends Daryl, Sean, Toby and Janet
no greenhouse gas, a tiny carbon footprint up your ass
I’m on a motherfucking bike

Sharing my aggression is what I do
Every day I’m riding the ‘Tour de Fuck You’
Banging on hoods and kicking in fenders
a right-of-way-aholic on a permanent bender
Running red lights at the fat intersection
Cutout seat protects my erection
You like the bird, in my hand?
Take two from a motherfucking track stand on my bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike

Skinny-ass pants, the ‘stache is fat
the canvas kicks, the ear-flap hat
Got no gears so you best not dis me
yeah bitch, it’s a motherfuckin fixie
Middle of the street is where you’re gonna find me
a shitload of traffic backed up behind me
Critical Mass is a Facebook “like”
I’m on a motherfucking bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike
(horn and bell solo)

©2012 Sons of Science - all rights (and lefts) reserved

'Gummo' by Harmony Korine - Dead Rabbit scene


Thailand’s ladyboys, a short documentary


Dark master of the Imagination Xooang Choi

If you are of the squeamish sort, look away now. Choi Xoo Ang, the Seoul born artist and dark master of the imagination, has created sculptures at once hyperrealistic and completely nightmarish, making you feel as if your real life has bled into an inescapable, bad dream.

Twisted tongues, stitched backs and floating heads appear throughout Choi’s polymer clay figures, which display remarkable realism despite their fabulous content. Many of the pieces give metaphorical shape to real issues in modern day Korea, including human rights and abuse.


Xooang Choi

1975 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul Academic ability M.F.A, Sculpture, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea Genre sculpture, installation

'Far East Family Band' Live in Los Angeles, 1978

#Japanese #progressive #electronic #music pioneers

Very rare footage. This video features singer Fumio Miyashita and guitarist Shigeo Nakajima. Fumio, leader of the Far East Family Band, moved to Los Angeles in 1977 after the band broke up.

Denise videoed Fumio & Shigeo along with Daevid Allen’s Gong at this Los Angeles show, synthesizing effects for All Ears Records and later for Tangerine Dream.





Neptune taken by NASA

who THE FUCK let NASA take Neptune

release neptune

Free Neptune 2014

#FreeNeptune #SOSNeptune #PrayForNeptune #NASA

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May be more beautiful for having been broken